Design History in Practice: DHS Symposium and PhD Workshop at University of Oslo

An increasing variety of research approaches is becoming available to those interested in design as a subject of historical and cultural enquiry. The last decade saw the establishment of a number of academic programmes, and associations connecting specialists and enthusiasts within and without the academic world. Also, more design museums are being establishing around the world, sometimes merely rebranding existing institutions previously dedicated to applied arts, or industrial history.

This growing and heterogeneous field displays commitments to a plurality of theories, methods, and research traditions. The implications in the choice of materials produced and interpreted by researchers or curators adds a further level of complexity to the meshwork.

Design History in Practice: Theory, Method, and Materials is conceived as a forum for researchers working in design history, design cultures, and allied fields of investigation. Participants are invited to discuss how they negotiate the relationships between theoretical and empirical research in their study of design. 

Keynote lectures:

Timo de Rijk, Professor of Design, Culture and Society, Delft University of Technology, and Leiden University. Practice What You Teach Kjetil Fallan, Professor of Design History, University of Oslo, Norway. The Station of the Nation: National Narratives and the Globalization of Design History 

Alexandra Midal, Professor of Design, Geneva University of Art and Design, Switzerland. Politic-Fiction: When the Attitudes Shape Form

The participants: 

Katarina Serulus, National Design Policies through a Transnational Lens: The Case of the Belgian Design Centre (1964-1986)

Tania Mikaela Messell, From Local to Global and Back: Tensions and Overlaps in the Study of ICSID

Carlos Bartolo, The Importance of Being Fascist, A Design History of Bad People

Patricia Amorim, Searching for Frames: Notes on Magazines as Design

Ingrid Halland, What Can Theory Do?

Ida Kamilla Lie, The Value of Oral History and Grey Literature in Design Historical Research

Rosita Satell, Mediation of furniture

Sabina Maria Michaëlis, Aestheticization and Articulation of Design in Design Museums

Charlotte Bik Bandlien, Haiking as Research and Design PracticeKjerstin Vedel, Portraits as Fashion Pictures 

The symposium is convened by Joana Meroz (VU University Amsterdam) and Gabriele Oropallo (University of Oslo).

Design History in Practice is supported by the UiO Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas (IFIKK), and the Design History Society (DHS). The event is part of both the IFIKK PhD educational programme, and the 2015 DHS Day Seminars programme.