MA thesis: Ida Kamilla Lie

By Kjetil Fallan.

Ida Kamilla Lie has defended her MA thesis “Vardagsvaror” for den virkelige verden: Victor Papaneks relasjon til det nordiske designmiljøet på 1960- og 70-tallet [Everyday Goods for the Real World – Victor Papanek’s Relation to the Nordic Design Community in the 1960s and 70s]. The thesis is a pioneering work charting the extensive networks and activities of Papanek in Scandinavia in the years before and after the publication of his seminal book Design for the Real World in 1971. Based on little known sources, Lie has deftly plotted Papanek and the Scandinavian design student activism onto the period’s contextual map of radical politics, counter culture, consumer criticism and environmentalism.

The thesis can be downloaded from DUO (Digital Publications from the University of Oslo)