Mapping Emerging Lands: Reports from Environmental Histories of Design at The Rachel Carson Centre

The workshop Environmental Histories of Design, hosted at the Rachel Carson Center in Munich in June 2015 and arranged by Professor Kjetil Fallan (University of Oslo) and Associate Professor Finn Arne Jørgensen (Umeå University), explored the common ground emerging at the intersection of these two fields of inquiry. The workshop brought together 15 international scholars from different fields, including design history, fashion studies, history of technology, environmental history, and science and technology studies. A report on the workshop has now been published in the latest issue of Environment and History: Environmental Histories of Design.

Furthermore, participants Irene Maldini and Yves Vincent Grossmann have provided valuable input with their critical reflections on the workshop. Read Irene Maldini’s blog post and Yves Vincent Grossmann’s report.